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Truce Space

A space for discussing current events and the states of things. A kinder way to discuss politics.

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Service Description

Truce Space is being held for the purpose of us being in constructive dialogue with one another about current events and states of things. This is meant to be an objective space. By that I mean, setting out a topic for group discussion and having a well-rounded discussion. When something is out in front of us we can explore it and see all sides. Truce Spaces are hosted virtual spaces for up to 10 people. Bring a snippet that interests you and enjoy a discussion. A fully attended space is meant to have 50 minutes of discussion time for 10 people. So everyone gets 5 minutes. Truce Space opens 5 minutes before start time. We'll do general chit-chat and things to know until about 5 minutes after start time. We'll discuss brought topics and your host will begin to wrap it all up starting about 5 til end of the 60 minutes. This space wants to attract people from all types of world views and ideologies. Truce Space is a safe place to investigate how we look at worldly things - together. Respect is required. Participation is required with video on and sound enabled. Should things get too heated the host retains the right to change the subject, refuse service, use the Zoom participant remove button, or even end a session. I'm sure we won't need that option but it is there. Please contact with any concerns. Welcome!

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