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Support for your ambitions and commitments.

In the spirit of mastermind groups, salon gatherings, and town hall meetings - we facilitate great virtual conversations about things that are important to you.

Talking about what we are at work on can improve our success. Whether you are a solo-prenuer, have a personal commitment, or are a dreamer with big plans. The conversations we facilitate support forward momentum, fulfillment, and achievment. 

  • Please sign up at least 60 minutes before the start of the session.

  • You will receive a Zoom invite via email. 

  • The session opens 5 minutes before the start time.  

  • Login is required to sign up to attend. Click on My Account below under Sign up or Book in the schedule. 

  • Video and audio participation are required. 

Current Spaces

Calendars below


Facilitated: 30-minute sessions for max 5 participants.

In each session, the facilitator will ask questions to create forward momentum in your ambitions and commitments.
Gentle accountability practice.
Listening for your progress.

This is a place to slow down and process commitments, fulfillment, and achievement over time. 

Drop in $7

Facilitated by Alisa Reynolds
(Interviewing potential co-facilitators)

Truce Space

Facilitated: 60-minute sessions for max 10 participants.

A virtual space for the discussion of current events and states of things.

The emphasis is not on being right or wrong, but rather, how we look at things together - and how we experience looking at things together.

Let's just get together and talk about things.

Drop in $15

Facilitated by Alisa Reynolds
(Interviewing potential co-facilitators)

Hang Out

Hosted: 60-minute sessions for max 10 participants.

Hey, what's up? How's it going? Welcome welcome!

A connection space. A general chit-chat. A listening space. A kindness space.

A space just for knowing and being known. Connecting and being connected.

Drop in by donation

Hosted by Alisa Reynolds
(Interviewing potential co-hosts)

Community Partners

Facilitated: 90-minute sessions

Spaces held for communmnity partners to gather virtually and discuss what's happening in their specific communities. Emphasis on increasing connection, communication, access to information, and understanding.

A community partner can be anyone who has something at stake in a specific community. 

Drop in $10

Facilitated by Alisa Reynolds
(Interviewing potential co-facilitators)

Current Schedule

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