What to Expect in a Typical
Space of Spaces Session

Example Yoga Listens Session Time Line:
Example Yoga Listens Session Timeline.png
Expect to be greeted and welcomed by the host. 
  • Your host will be in the Zoom space at least 10 minutes before the start of the session.

  • We send Zoom links invites to your email 15-30 minutes before your session begins.

  • You are welcome to come in to the Zoom session early and mingle for a few before we get started. 

Expect to be asked questions.
  • The concept behind The Space of Spaces is that you will benefit from practicing both speaking about what you are working on and having the experience of your words being heard by others.

  • Many philosophers agree that we use language to create our lives. The Space of Spaces is a space for you to practice with the language you can create your world with. 

  • Being heard by others, especially in a friendly positive social support space, feels like safe accountability practice. Tightening up the distances between our words, actions, and outcomes is very powerful. 

Expect to be treated like expert in your life.
  • This is a no-coaching space. We believe in your inner knowing. While coaching has its place our main goal is for you to find out more about who you are through the adventure of inquiring into what you are working on and the results you produce. 

  • There may be times when other participants offer their encouragements on what you express. Your host will guide the group to a space of listening/holding space for each other and not coaching each other. 

Expect a positive experience
  • Positive social support is extremely powerful. Harassment, judgement, or disrespect will not be tolerated.

  • Please email alisa@thespaceofspaces.com if you have anything other than a positive experience.